What is Transliteration?

An example of transliterationTransliteration means representing a text from one script in another (e.g. transliterating a Cyrillic text into the Latin script). We also use it to mean when a name or word is pronounced in another language and written down phonetically. It does not involve […]

Ensuring quality translations

How do I ensure the quality of the translation?Does a second translator proofread the translation? Proof reading was important in the original, so it is important in the translation as well. [SEE: One Tier vs. Two Tier […]

One-Tier vs. Two-Tier Translation

Translation Cloud
On the question of One-Tier vs. Two-Tier Translation, it is never a question of which method produces the best result.

Two-tier translation is defined as a comprehensive translation (usually in-country), which is then thoroughly reviewed by the respective local language team to assure proper localization and accuracy […]

How do you find a good translator?

Sherlock Holmes looks for a good translator

How do you find a good translator?

First and foremost, your translator should be a native speaker of the “target language,” the language being translated into. For example, if your English material is being translated into Spanish, […]

An introduction to the Chinese Language

Written ChineseSpoken ChineseMandarin vs. Cantonese

Written Chinese

Chinese writing uses a series of pictographic glyphs known as “characters” to express thoughts in written form. There are two different systems for the formation of “characters” in Chinese writing: Traditional […]

Why a professional translation?

Example of why client's should not manage their own translation projects!

If the document has any value or importance whatsoever you should always consider using a professional language translation service like International Contact, Inc. Sure, there are other websites that claim to do it for free. The reality […]

Why Translate?

Pie Chart of 10 most Commonly Spoken LanguagesThe 10 most spoken languages in the World

How responsive would you be if someone tried to sell you their services in a language you couldn’t understand, or in poorly written English littered with spelling and grammar mistakes?

You don’t have to […]