Top Telecommuting Jobs Abroad

Carla Itzkowich featured in Christina Couch’s artilcle “10 top telecommuting jobs to live abroad“.

This job might actually reward you for moving abroad. Workers with fluency in a foreign language and sharp communication skills can land jobs in verbal and written translation regardless of where they live, says Carla Itzkowich, executive director of International […]

Small Business Entrepreneur Profile: Carla Itzkowich of International Contact

San Fransisco Business Times showcases Carla Itzkowich in the Small Business Entrepreneur.


Below is San Fransisco Business Times profile:

What it does: Multi-language communications agency that produces content in over 100 languages.

HQ: Oakland.

2012 projected revenue: $1.2 million.

Employees: 17.

Founded: 1982.

Source of startup capital: Personal loans and family collateral.

Background (school, previous careers or first […]