Why a professional translation?

Example of why client's should not manage their own translation projects!

If the document has any value or importance whatsoever you should always consider using a professional language translation service like International Contact, Inc. Sure, there are other websites that claim to do it for free. The reality […]

Why Translate?

Pie Chart of 10 most Commonly Spoken LanguagesThe 10 most spoken languages in the World

How responsive would you be if someone tried to sell you their services in a language you couldn’t understand, or in poorly written English littered with spelling and grammar mistakes?

You don’t have to […]

Lunar New Year Greetings

The Lunar New Year is referred to by the Chinese as the “Spring Festival,” 春節 (Chūn Jié,) the Vietnamese as “Tet,” the Koreans as “Seollal” or “Gujeong”. International Contact, Inc. works with each of the large Asian communities in the Bay Area. […]

Norma Armon interviewed for “Small businesses have trouble getting paid” article

Norma Armon interviewed by Carolyn Said, Chronicle Staff Writer for a recent article “Small Businesses Have Trouble Getting Paid“.

At Oakland’s International Contact Inc., which helps clients address non-English-speaking markets in more than 100 languages, “We have always managed to keep our receivables tightly controlled to avoid collections issues,” said Chairwoman […]

A team that’s successful in any language

Newhouse_final1Click here to see a PDF of our coverage by Dave Newhouse in the Oakland Tribune. (May 2011)

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Interbike Flyer & Bicycle Retailer

InterbikeFlyer2007_final_PaInterbike Flyer & Bicycle Retailer interview from 1997 with 2007 show promotion. Interbike is a tradeshow for the bicycle industry that we attend annually. IC helps bicycle manufacturers and distributors worldwide. (two-sided, very colorful approx. 1.3mb) Read interview here

“The Communicator”

TeleWorks2“The Communicator” Learn how International Contact & the City of Oakland produced the CITYLINE program, an Equal Access telephone system for the city services in 5 languages. The National League of […]

2003 interview in the Oakland Tribune

OakTrib2003In 2003 interview, the Oakland Tribune discusses how IC has weathered financial storms over the last two decades. (single side, B&W, approx. 500k) Read interview

The Printing Industry of Northern California’s newsletter

PINCnews20003The Printing Industry of Northern California’s newsletter, congratulating IC on it’s 20th birthday in 2003. (single side, B&W, approx. 200k) View ad